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Produkte Chem. Betriebe & Raffinerien

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API 2218 “Fire Proofing Practices in Petroleum and Petrochemical Processing Plants” provides a good basis for the selection, implementation and maintenance of fire protection systems, which are designed to limit the amount of losses of metallic and alternative material degradation in case of a fire in refineries and petrochemical plants.

THERMO-LAG, which is implemented in refinery processing plants, must be tested and qualified according to the testing procedures, approved by the industry, which show this material under real terms in mineraloil -and petrochemical fire load performance.

Shortly after ignition [as short as after 5 minutes], hydrocarbon fire temperatures can rise up to 2010°F [1100°C].

API 2218 Standard Specification recommends UL 1709 as one of the most important fire testing standards. According to UL 1709, structurals are subjected to a heatflux of 205 kW/m2 during a pool fire test.

Types of fire

  • Cellulose Fire [ASTM E-119, DIN 4102, OENORM B 3800, BS 230, BS 476 & any F-Classification = rating /endurance, i.e. F-90]
    • Fire load: wood, cotton, etc., such as in offices /multi-storey buildings
    • Time-Temperature Curve, based upon the standard temperature curve [STC] achieves approx. 2000°F [1094°C] after four [4] hours
    • Heatflux = 110 -130 kW/m2.
  • Hydrocarbon Fire [UL 1709, SINTEF, Lloyds Register, BAM-Berlin & any H-Classification = rating /endurance, i.e. H-90]
    • Fire load: hydrocarbons [HC] and HC-products, as processed in mineraloil refineries and petrochemical plants
    • Time-Temperature Curve rises within a few minutes up to approx. 2000°F [1094°C].
    • Heatflux = 200 -230 kW/m2.
  • Jet-Fire [J-Classification = rating /endurance, i.e. J-60]
    • Fire load: natural gas or crude oil – such as at off-shore platforms
    • Time-Temperature Curve rises immediately up to approx. 2300°F [1260°C] with a fire load flow velocity >160 kms/hr
    • Heatflux = 300 -320 kW/m2.