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Produkte Chem. Betriebe & Raffinerien

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Despite diverse nomenclature in the different European Union countries, layout and design of fire endurance tests are performed under similar premises. As an example, you will find below the fire course of the Standard Temperature Curve [STC, equal to the ASTM E-119 fire endurance curve] according to DIN 4102, cellulose fire in building constructions such as multi-storey buildings.

  • Cellulose Fire [ASTM E-119, DIN 4102, OENORM B 3800, BS 230, BS 476 & any F-Classification = rating /endurance, i.e. F-90]
    • Fire load: wood, cotton, etc., such as in offices /multi-storey buildings
    • Time-Temperature Curve, based upon the standard temperature curve [STC] achieves approx. 2000°F [1094°C] after four [4] hours
    • Heatflux = 110 -130 kW/m2.

The most important criterion for the use of a fire barrier surface coating product is the test regulation and duration of weathering tests as well as their long-life cycle and performance.
Hereafter you will find a comparison between the duration time of a weathering test according to UL-1709 versus DIN-4102.

Tested, approved and certified by US Underwriter’s Laboratories [UL], Omega Point Laboratories, Inc. [OPL] and Material Testing Institute Braunschweig [MPA] for fire ratings 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes hydrocarbon fire endurance. It revealed to be the most efficient epoxy based fire protection material on the market. Corrosion protection and long-run fire protection material combined in one compound system.

  • Rigid and long-term durability
  • UL-1709 weathering test
  • DIN 4102 spray water test
  • Tested for seismic load
  • High flexural strength
  • Low flame spread rate & smoke development – Class A [ASTM E-84]
  • Lowest weight of all certified PFP systems for external use