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Produkte Chem. Betriebe & Raffinerien

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Hi-Temp 1027 is used to provide protection of insulated austenitic stainless steel against chloride induced external stress corrosion cracking. The coating is a high solid, high build system with a VOC content of 3.5 lbs./gal. It is able to do so while being exposed to severe thermal cyclic conditions to 1200° (649°) and/or boiling water. It aids in preventing chlorides: 1) in the atmosphere, 2) in the by-products of process operations, and 3) which may be incorporated in the insulation, from coming in contact with the stainless steel. The coating is formulated to contain a minimum of chlorides, sulfides, and halides, which may induce stress cracking. Hi-Temp 1027 has been tested and approved by an independent laboratory for low leachable chloride content. It also has been tested and approved by the United States Navy for low leachable chloride, sulfide and halide content for use as a nuclear grade system.


  • Prevents stress corrosion cracking
  • Resistant to boiling water
  • Resistant to 1200° (649°)
  • Resistant to severe dry heat/boiling water/dry heat cyclic conditions
  • High build
  • Apply directly to ambient or hot steel having a metal temperature up to 500° (260°)
  • Open recoat window whether applied to ambient or hot steel
  • One component