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Produkte Chem. Betriebe & Raffinerien

Produkte Chem. Betriebe & Raffinerien

Subratech GesmbH

Subratech GmbH
Traunleitenstraße 23
4609 Thalheim bei Wels

Tel.: +43 (0) 72 42 / 27 804-0
Fax.: +43 (0) 72 42 / 27 804-40
Handy: +43 (0) 676 / 78 34 700

As early as 1980, the foundation of our activities was layed in the area of construction management in i.e. Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Malaysia.

Since the company establishment in 1985, we have been privileged to serve internationally, well-known customers in the task of planning, composing bid calls and construction supervision, for a number of large projects concerning corrosion protection, fire protection, concrete refurbishment /restauration and injection technology.

We would especially like to point out the enormous support in innovation and projection for the future that we have received from the OMV Refining & Marketing and to express our gratitude for largely helping us establish our success and for setting the basis for our development.

Dr. Rubin Feldman [1929-2000]

In this connection, we would like to specifically point out that the development of our [since 1989] exclusively offered PFP sublimation fire protection product line, brand-named THERMO-LAG and THERMO-SORB, is the further development of the Thermal Systems Group of Emerson Electric from the initial years of 1956. Dr. Rubin Feldman [1929-2002] was the pioneer and initiator for the use of the sublimation technology and recognized the qualities of this technology, used in the US space program to fulfil the industrial need for really advanced, fire-resistant materials.